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Committed To Telemedicine Excellence

INTELEMED is committed to work closely with healthcare providers and organizations thru providing, implementing, and supporting their telemedicine solution, and adding great business value. 

INTELEMED Telemedicine Solutions include, Medical Devices, Mobile and Fixed Virtual Clinics, MEDXPRESS Telemedicine Software Platform, Customization, Training and Support. 

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Our Products & Solutions

Our Telemedicine products and solutions offer fully integrated Software, Hardware, Mobile Equipment and Medical Devices, that help healthcare providers deliver state-of-the-art virtual care solutions to their patients, whether at their home, remote clinics, hospitals, longtime care facilities or in emergency situations.

Clinic & Patient Management System

MEDXPRESS Software platform help manage your clinic, Doctors schedules. Secured patient database and Flexible booking system. Process fees payments,

Fixed Studio Virtual Clinic

MEDXPRESS Software Platform is a secured and encrypted telemedicine software, web based platform, that allows healthcare providers to receive real-time data, videos, images and audios from medical devices at the patient side. Exchange documents with patients.

Mobile App Virtual Clinic

MEDXPRESS app allows patient to book and view their appointments with healthcare providers. App provides Video encounters , where healthcare providers can diagnose and treat their patien

Mobile Cart Virtual Clinic

MEDXPRESS offers different type of Mobile carts. for clinical, hospital and longtime care applications. Integrated with Touch PC, PTZ camera, Speakerphone, CTG web platform and Medical Devices. 

Mobile Portable Virtual Clinic

MEDXPRESS Portable Virtual Clinics, provide mobility for emergency and non-emergency applications. Integrated with CTG web platform. Two versions are offered. “CASE” units, offered with integrated PC tablet and integrated camera, speakerphone and medical devices. “Tablet” units, with integrated camera, and medical devices. 

Medical Devices

MEDXPRESS offers a wide range of medical devices and allows customization of other medical devices that can be integrated. Basic Medical devices offered include, Stethoscopes, Skin scopes, ENT Scopes, 3-in-1 Scopes, and others.

More Products & Solutions

Brainet analyzes data from functional MRI scans to produce
statistical reports on brain functioning.  The Brainet analysis focuses on
eleven brain networks.  Brainet provides clients with statistical facts.. read more

Brainet- Brain Scanning Solutions


MedX’s SIAscope, a Class II A medical device, allows dermatologists to make a more accurate assessment based on the underlying physiology of the skin.. read more


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