INTELEMED is one of the leading Telemedicine Solutions providers in Canada and Northern America for patient virtual care Solutions. We serve different healthcare organizations and providers including hospitals, clinics, emergency services and more. Our Solution helps healthcare providers maintain patient satisfaction and retention, as well as enhance their clinical and financial outcomes. We provide Telemedicine solutions based on our MedXPress virtual care platform that enables healthcare providers with clinical workflow, tools and technology that integrate directly into their operation model.


• Clinic & Patient Management System MedXpress Software

• Fixed Studio Virtual Clinic MedXpress Web

• Mobile App Virtual Clinic MedXpress App

• Mobile Cart Virtual ClinicMedXpress Cart MedXpress

• Mobile Tablet Virtual ClinicMedXpress Tablet

• Medical Devices Intelemed Approved Devices


MedXpress Offers Real-time Audio, Video and Imaging ios and Images in real-time.
 ingle platform.


INTELEMED has partnered with BRAINET to provide brain scanning services through the innovative BRAINET GraphICA Software.


 Brainet analyzes data from functional MRI scans to produce
statistical reports on brain functioning.  The Brainet analysis focuses on
eleven brain networks.  Brainet provides clients with statistical facts, not opinions.

·      For Neurosurgeons

Brainet provides strategic guidance to neurosurgeons with DICOM files.

·      For Lawyers

     Brainet can identify whether the client’s brain function is statistically different from the brain of a healthy normal.

 ·      For Employers


An employer may request a baseline reporting.

·      For Individuals

  A baseline report – Brain status report – Vanity report





INTELEMED has partnered with medX to provide Skin imaging services through the innovative SIScope camera and DermSecure Software.

MedX’s SIAscope, a Class II A medical device, takes 5 images, including 4 spectrophotometric images 2 mm below the skin’s surface showing the disorganization of a suspicious mole or lesion. This allows dermatologists to make a more accurate assessment based on the underlying physiology of the skin. MedX is the only technology in the world that can present this additional critical imaging..

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Our products and solutions offer fully integrated Software, Hardware, Mobile Equipment and Medical Devices, that help healthcare providers deliver state-of-the-art virtual care solutions to their patients, whether at their home, remote clinics, hospitals, longtime care facilities or in emergency situations.