A Brief On Who We Are

INTELEMED is one of the leading Telemedicine Solutions providers in Canada and Northern America for virtual patient care Solutions. We serve different healthcare organizations and providers including hospitals, clinics,  emergency and more. Our Solution supports healthcare providers maintain patient satisfaction and retention, as well as to enhance their clinical and financial outcomes. 

What Do We Do

We provide Telemedicine solutions based on our MEDXPFRESS virtual care platform that enables healthcare providers with clinical workflow, tools and technology that integrate directly into their operation model.

At INTELEMED, we collaborate with your team to implement our Telemedicine solution, that supports patient care needs and empower your healthcare providers through ongoing support,  and training. 

What makes INTELEMED different, as a Telemedicine Solution provider is our user friendly, state-of-the-art MEDXPRESS Software we built to transfer information from a remote patient to the healthcare provider, in real-time, secured and encrypted environment. Healthcare providers are able to connect, collect and analyze data in real-time basis and hence diagnose and treat their patient confidently regardless of their geographical location.

Our Mission

Empower healthcare providers with technology that enables them to deliver care, on real-time basis, to patients, anywhere and anytime.

INTELEMED experienced team provides round the clock technical support to ensure customers satisfaction and system operation continuity. 

Team is available through Phone, Video calls, chatting or e-mail, to answer any question and help resolve the issue in the best possible manner.

INTELEMED adopts Continued Innovation approach, by connecting with its customers across the world in order to expand its expertise and introduce new technologies that suit the needs of its customers.


INTELEMED believes in full partnership with its customers to bring Telemedicine solutions to different dimensions, for faster and easier reach…


Meet Our Team

Sam Mourad

Khalil Ramal

Said Reda